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anemia on period

Source: Jurnalul Pediatrului. Author s : Oltean, Anemia on period Trandafir, Laura; Paduraru, Dana Anton Abstract: Diabetes mellitus in infants is a disease anemia on period low incidence in daily practice, which raise serious problems of hpv human papillomavirus age diagnosis and therapy.

Aim of the study.

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To present anemia on period cases of diabetes mellitus diagnosed in the first year of life. Material and method.

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Authors describe three patients without diabetes eredity and diagnosed with persistent hyperglycemia in the first year of life. In two cases the diagnosis was established in newborn period.

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Clinic examination not detected somatic abnormality exception dismaturityneurological performance normal for age, but biologic investigation revealed hyporegenerative anemia, trombocitosis and hypoproteinemia with hypoalbuminemia.

Blood sugar profile during hospitalization confirmed hyperglycemia initial without glycosuria and ketonuria, following with glycosuria. The infants presented also alimentation difficulty requiring parenteral and orally feeding by gavage.

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In the anemia on period case, anemia on period one month of hospitalization, mother left hospital without permission and without insulin therapy.

After acido-basic, electrolytic and metabolic disturbance therapy, we started subcutaneous insulin therapy in 2 doses Intermediary insulin ± rapid acting analog according with blood sugar levels.

We acquired gain weight g in 2 month and normal blood sugar. From 7 month of age she is on oral sulphonilurea therapy Maninil with improved glycemic control. The third case was diagnosed with diabetes on 11 month of age, genetic tests excluding monogenic diabetes.

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Conclusion: The presented cases raised big problems of therapy because of small age, malnutrition and alimentation difficulty. We hadn't the possibility of genetic investigation, therefore it still remains unclear. The accurate diagnosis of diabetes mellitus type transitory, permanent or monogenic is very important for different therapeutic protocol, but genetic investigation remains unapproachable for most medical centres. English Copyright of Jurnalul Pediatrului is the property of Romanian Society of Pediatric Surgery and its content anemia on period not be copied or emailed to multiple sites or posted to a listserv without the copyright holder's express written permission.

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