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cancer cap treatment

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Impactul suplimentării orale cu glutamină asupra calităţii vieţii la pacienţii cu cancere de cap şi gât în cursul radioterapiei. Source: ORL.

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Quality of life can be affected by oncological multimodal therapy surgery, radio- and chemotherapy. Symptoms like dysphagia, odynophagia and change of saliva quality directly affects the quality of life of patients who can no longer feed properly, and this cancer cap treatment lead to malnutrition.

  1. Innovations in cancer treatments, such as more precise doses for chemotherapy drugs and high-tech radiation machines, are making the treatment of cancer more effective than ever.
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Malnutrition is responsible for numerous complications that can lead to prolonged hospital stay increased costs of hospitalization, andin certain situations interruption of radiotherapy is needed with negative impact on prognosis.

There is no standardized treatment protocol for the prevention of radiomucositis, only symptomatic medication being cancer cap treatment.

cancer cap treatment

Many strategies cancer cap treatment prevent radiomucositis were studied: use of conformational irradiation to better control the volume irradiated and the dose of radiation, the use of protectors of the pharyngeal mucosa during irradiation or the use of radioprotective agents such as amifostine factors growth GM - CSFan interleukin 11, the anti-oxidant glutathione. Glutamine, essential amino acid, by regeneration of the pharyngeal mucosa effect, and by immunomoduiating effect, can delay the onset of radiomucositis and can prevent severe forms of radiomucositis with beneficial impact on quality o cancer cap treatment life.

The authors try to demonstrate the potential benefit of oral glutamine supplementation on quality cancer cap treatment life in head and neck cancers patients during radiotherapy.

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It is a prospective, monocentric, observational study by randomizing patients into two groups: control group receiving no additional glutamine and the group receiving glutamine supplementation. Quality of life score, weight and body mass index variations throughout radiotherapy were compared between the two groups.

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It was also compared the severity of radiomucositis between the two groups. The study concludes that oral glutamine supplementation prevents severe forms of radiomucositis, quality of life being less affected compared to the control group.

cancer cap treatment

It was also found papilloma uroteliale vescicale patients in the group receiving glutamine maintained their weight better than those in the control group. English Copyright of ORL.

  • Choosing a treatment protocol for patients with carcinomas of the head and neck in locally advanced stages of the disease remains an open question.
  • Deoarece creierul controlează aşa de multe funcţii diferite, aceste simptome cauzate de tumorile cerebrale  pot fi extrem de variate.
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  • Diagnosticarea cancerelor de cap și gât include: examinarea fizică; biopsie; teste imagistice și endoscopie.
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