Uptake of human papillomavirus vaccine

uptake of human papillomavirus vaccine

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This is the reality they are trying to hide from parents. There were 5, system organ class reactions, which makes 4.

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In case reports the patient was described as not papilloma uomo sintomi and the outcome of a further cases outcome are recorded as unknown. This means that cases are still left unresolved, but yet the HSE insists that there are NO long term side effects despite the manufacturer trials never testing for them!

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Minister Harris along with the HSE continuously push a message of total safety for the HPV vaccine, dismissing families of healthy girls who became seriously ill after the vaccination in our calls for an investigation — in a campaign of public derision. We trusted the authorities who told us it was a safe vaccine, and they abandoned us when what happened to our children didn't fit their message.

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How can Minister for Health Simon Harris continue to refuse an independent investigation of uptake of human papillomavirus vaccine large group of unresolved cases, in light of these blatant warning signals, presented by the man himself, when questioned in the Dail?