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About 1. We aim at converting the wasted organic food into powerful compost that has the power to restore the soil fertility at any quarry crawler nightcrawler) during reclamation to promote biodiversity by using worm species called Eudrilus eugeniae African Night Crawler and also to free the environment from any adverse effect generated by the organic food waste.

The vermicompost will support plants growth but ecological food chain will also ensure that other organisms follow suite ecosystem and restoration of biodiversity. Three experimental controls would be set from Vermicompost, normal compost and the stockpiled crawler nightcrawler) soil. Crawler nightcrawler) rate at which each restores biodiversity at the quarry site would be compared.

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It is already projected that the biodiversity at the Vermicompost site would be restored rapidly than the other two crawler nightcrawler). The Vermicompost can be transported to any quarry site to reclaim its biodiversity. In more advanced and sophisticated means, holes can be dug and filled with Vermicompost to support plants growth even when mining is in session.

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